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what should i do if i think i have covid? ?

its 11:30 here and im having difficulty going to sleep. i have a very mild dry cough, a little nasal congestion and a little bit of a scratchy throat like i have to keep clearing it every few minutes. 

I don’t have any over the counter medication i can take. how can i get through the night?

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    People tend to worry more now with COVID around. You're more than likely experiencing allergies than COVID. At any rate, you'll get through the night as usual and, if it's still present tomorrow, and get some medication. Remember, most people with this flu only get very mild symptoms.

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    It sounds much more like you have seasonal allergies than Covid.

    If sounds like you will be perfectly fine until tomorrow morning when you can purchase some allergy meds. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    1. Write out your last will and testament 

    2. Call those close to you and say goodbye

    3. Make peace with whatever God you worship.

  • Andy C
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    2 months ago

    Call your doctor's office and schedule an appointment to see if you actually need testing or not likely enough. 

    My wife (a doctor) just did this yesterday and tested negative today. 

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    Work on your immune system by taking gummy vitamins and fruit smoothies.  

    Get Soleus reflective heaters (I like tower model over round model right now), placed beside your bed on chairs.

    Two heaters on "Low" setting, one at the foot and the other at the side of your bed and feel it right next to your neck and back and feet (with socks). 

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