Feeling stuck in current CNA... what would you do?

I am currently working as a CNA in a level 1 trauma hospital meaning we get the really hurt patients. I am medsurg right now and work the oncology, trauma, and ortho floor. I normally love my job and I am proud to have been hired by the company I am with now. Up until now, I have been a CNA for 3 years, 2 of which I have been at my hospital. Recently, with Covid, however, things have gotten a whole lot harder. The staffing ratios are spread thin and there is a lot more death I am dealing with now. It's nerve-wracking to be in the medical field during the pandemic. It's really hard emotionally and is taking a toll out on me it feels like. The night before work I can't sleep cause I am so anxious about waking up very early the next morning and heading into god knows what. I want to quit just so I could take a couple of months and breathe and recuperate but there are three things holding me back: 1) I need income as I am a college student and 2) I am applying to PA school and need hours (I have 2000 hours thus far but competitive applicants have more) and 3) one of my letter of recs works at this hospital who is also a supervisor so I feel like it would awkward to just get up and leave after asking her to be a letter of rec.

Given what I've said, what would you do?

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  • edward
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    2 months ago
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    Quit emergency.  I also work in a level 1 trauma center and the only childrens hospital in my city (i work on the childrens side most of the time as it is specialized) that is the only reason you don’t know what you’re going to see.  With kids i can kind of gage what i’ll see that day depending on the season.  The joke is “it’s broken limb season” people are just sick this year.  Low streas jobs ik the medical field are surgery because all elective surgeries should’ve been cancelled if you cangeta job there. Oncology is usually long term and ortho is pretty easy or it was when i did my clinicals.

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