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Traveling on an airplane with an infant ?

Hi y’all! 

What is the best carseat/stroller combo that is airline approved? I was thinking to go that route over having him sit on my lap. Wanted to see what your experiences are. 

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    2 months ago

    After you go through security, just stuff your baby in your carry-on and put it in the overhead bin. 

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    Be very careful to research the specific airline's policies with regard to baby seats.  I was on a flight some years ago, and a woman got into a fight with the flight attendant.  She wanted the kid in a baby seat, the policy was that a child of that age had to be in the regular seat.  IT got to the point that the captain came back with the written policy and the woman STILL wouldn't back off.  I think she got booted.  Don't be like that lady. 

  • MS
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    2 months ago

    It's definitely easier to have the baby in his/her own seat.  And much safer as well.  

    As for the best seat to use, it depends on the age of the infant.  If you have a young infant and you are using the bucket/carrier type of seat, then you can easily use that on the plane and a compatible stroller in the airport.  You can gate-check the stroller - leave it at the door when you board, and it will be waiting for you in the same location when you land. Otherwise, you'd have to carry a regular carseat around while pushing your child in the stroller (difficult, but not impossible).  Make sure that whatever seat you use is approved for air travel - it will have a sticker on it to indicate if it is.  Also check the airline website as they do have some different policies from one another.

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