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Why does she care about me despite being popular herself?

So, I've been left alone by my best friend, as he got into a relationship. As a result, I was lonely. However, I've unexpectedly drawn attention of the most popular and beautiful girl in our school, A. A is already popular and boys are crazy for her. But she has started being friendly and even caring towards me for some unknown reason.

For instance, She'd get mad at anyone who insults me (even behind my back), gets overly competitive with others normally, but when I do better than her in exams, She'd say that she already knew I am smarter than her, and would even randomly hold my hand at times and tell me she's there for me whenever I get stressed out over something....

I even had a moment, where she got mad at me, for telling her that I'm ugly and she's beautiful, as She says that I'm she does not care.

How is it possible?

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