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Poets that don't use a lot of vague imagery/metaphors? ?

Me and my boyfriend are both autistic, but whereas poetry is something that deeply comforts me no matter how incomprehensible, my bf has very specific tastes that really makes him dislike most poetry. There's one poet he's incredibly obsessed with, Sylvia Plath, because her writing was clear and easy to understand when it's difficult to pick up on sub-text. Also, I've shown him a lot of stuff from other poets, trying to find things he'd like, and the only one he said that stuck out to him was Sharon Olds. Any people who struggle with the same thing, and any other poets they like? 

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    Tennyson?  His poetry always tells a story, though it helps if you know which story he's dramatizing.



    Maybe Roger McGough?  His poems are very everyday on the surface.  You don't have to dive under the surface meaning to get them, but there's depth there too for those who want it.

    (It's also okay to like different things if you enjoy being together.  I'm sure I made finding love harder when I was young and thought it was really important that a boyfriend had to love the same same music and books or we'd have nothing to talk about.  This turned out not to be important.)

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