What steps do I need to take when buying a 2007 car from a private seller in MD, that I will be registering in NJ?

I want a trouble free experience at the DMV since the seller is so far away? Besides signing the title do I need a bill of sale? Notarized? Thank you in advance for you help this is a big purchase for me.

(2007 Coupe for around 10K which is the KBB value)

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    3 months ago
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    A bill of sale that has been notarized is a good idea whether you need it or not. Two copies - one for you and one for the seller. Do you know if you need to schedule an appointment for the Maryland DMV so you can get a temporary registration? That's the only way to legally drive it home. Have you got insurance lined up so you can show the DMV proof of insurance? Have you checked for any liens against the car? Have you verified that the seller is the legal owner of the vehicle? Have you verified that the VIN on the vehicle matches the title? Are you paying cash, or financing? How does the seller want to be paid? If financing have you got an approved loan lined up? That's a lot to pay for a 13-14 year old car. Have you inspected and test driven it in person? It's not going to be trouble-free if you haven't done all of these things. 

  • Ron
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    3 months ago

    Where you buy it is irrelevent. NJ has requirements for purchase from a private seller. NJ also has a website with those requirements posted.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You need to check with the NJ DMV. For sure you need a bill of sale in every state. And be very careful the seller does not do ANYTHING wrong on the back of the title. Signature, date and mileage and leave the rest blank. (Less room for error)

    You probably need to leave within a week or so of buying it so you don't get in trouble for not having a tag.

    $10k is a lot for a 2007 model. Maybe you should get a sedan?

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