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Time for EVERYONE to have the ability of taking a step back?

The simple fact remains that the Presidential election is indeed over.

CHUMP and PENCE have indeed been fired and Biden and Harris have indeed been elected. It's time for our country to come together in productive ways. For no amount of self righteous venting is going to change the given result of the election. Nor will the continued scolding of those whom voted for CHUMP would be anything beneficial neither.

So I personally would like to suggest that all of you whom are so inclined to post comments on this or other websites that you have the ability of 

perhaps taking a break from this given topic. And instead feeling the need of scolding others perhaps YOU can take a moment and share a productive subject with others? Or share an experience in which YOU learned something that benefited YOU? Or perhaps YOU can share with others the fun way in which YOU enjoyed Thanksgiving while also showing RESPECT FOR and having RESPECT FOR the 270,000 equally worthy people whom have died from the virus? Perhaps YOU should even take a break from your comments on this website and instead step out into the WORLD. And actually do ONE PRODUCTIVE THING this week that benefits OTHERS. Or at least ONE PERSON. Yes indeed folks; you have the right to express your views. However I am just suggesting that with all the concerns in our world that you can perhaps afford to take a break from your constant venting about others whom you may not even know in the first place. And do something nice for others.

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes step back, and realize you are being asked by the Media and DEM's to over look clear evidence that there has been Mass voter Fraud in the US Election!

    From what I have seen it seems that Trumps requests to have Voter Fraud be investigated are just being denied  for procedural reasons !

    If we  let this Fraud go uncontested we are basically telling the DEMs/Status Quo that

    you have Destroyed our Constitution, taken away our Freedoms and rights and we will do nothing about it !

    Just like you libs wanted Free Stuff Bernie, but the DEM's/DNC took your vote away from you, they are doing the same to America !

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sorry but you don't get to decide who wins. And if by some chance Biden manages to cheat his way into the white house, he'll be met with investigations and impeachment. 

  • Dude shut up

    You’re keep talking about Trump

    It’s FUC KING annoying -_-

  • 2 months ago

    Too much fraud, too many unanswered questions, too much involvement by News Media and Big Tech as wells as Bloomberg, Soros, Hollywood and big money.  Censoring Trump and Trump supporters and promoting Biden and Biden supporters is wrong and the news got too heavily involved this time.

    The News Media, Big Tech NEED TO STEP BACK.

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  • 2 months ago

    so then racism, anti LGBT rhetoric and legislation and for-the-rich government is ok again since trump is gone and the TV tells you to accept biden's history......huh?

    yeah.... let's all come together and party like it's the 1940s again... that's pretty much the style of government that's returning to the White House in January....

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