Sick when thinking about a certain food?

Here's my dilemma. Close to a few months ago, I ate some eggrolls that were homemade that tasted absolutely terrible/digusting. But now whenever I think about them at all (which is constantly now for some reason) my stomach feels like it's going to burst and I'm going to puke my guts up. Any tips on how to deal with this???

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    😄 Be aware of the foods you buy and how they are prepped or thoroughly cooked. 

    Im a big fan of egg rolls. To the point where I know how to properly cook them now. 

    But before I was eating them half raw. 🥴 Yeah no good. Be careful.

    I would cook the meat before applying them to the wrap. 

    There are some recipes that call for raw meat to be cooked IN the wonton wrapper. Dont do it. 😄

    Thoroughly, cook the meat before wrapping.

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