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Is Rooster Teeth still using Halo 5 to make Red vs. Blue?

One of the things I love about Red vs. Blue is seeing Rooster Teeth using the latest Halo game to make their show.  For the past 10 years, they have also slowly added in motion-capture CG for some scenes which I thought was cool as long as they continued using Halo to also film.  I've seen the first couple episodes of season 18 and it has worried me because it's hard for me to see any use of Halo machinima to film.  Instead it looks like they're completely using CG motion-capture to make this new season.  I don't want to see a whole season made that uses no Halo gameplay whatsoever.

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    Looks like the answer is no, here's what I found: 

    While central character models are still based on the Halo franchise, the season features environments and several characters using weapons and fighting monsters not featured in the Halo games, instead utilizing free assets from Unreal Engine, including monster designs from the cancelled game Paragon and weapons and character models from Ying Pei Games.

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