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If you had a the super power the predict lottery numbers, how much would you win it?

If you had the super power to predict lottery numbers, would you be more fair and only win the lottery some of the time giving other people a chance to win the lottery? Or would you throw fairness out the window and be more ambitious, where you would win the lottery every single time it comes out? 

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  • Sandy
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    2 months ago
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    I'd win big pots, occasionally. (every 5-10 years) so people wouldn't get suspicious. That's a superpower you wouldn't want ANYBODY else to know about. evil people would imprison you and torture you for the rest of your life, for those numbers

  • 2 months ago

    Me having the correct numbers doesn't change anyone else's odds of picking those same numbers.  They'd have to share the pot with me, but it wouldn't affect their chances of winning.

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