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Will Yellowstone blow after the megatsunamis occur?


just aksin' 4 opinionz

Update 2:

de kuestin was will tsunamis happen before yellowstone erupts or after. why people play games? just answer de kuestin. first tsunamis or first volcano?

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    Tsunamis are big waves caused by earthquakes or landslips under water.

    Yellowstone is a giant super volcano under the continental plate over 800 miles from the nearest coastal region. 

    If yellowstone blew it would not be caused by a Tsunami but by the fracture of the surface of the Earth about the magma chamber of that super volcano. 

    Any Tsunami that was caused by that eruption would pale in comparison to the damage that the actual eruption would cause.  

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    Yellowstone could blow at any time, it's predicted to be centuries overdue an eruption, and you won't get much warning when it does go. A mega-tsunami could potentially trigger it if it shifts the earth's crust enough. 

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    Yellowstone is classified as a supervolcano. If it erupted it would wipe out the northern part of the USA and cause ash damage and destroy crops, USA would be in the hurt locker big time, not to mention all the people who die. It would also destroy the economy  

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