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What exactly can UK Doctors do about needle phobia ?

I’ve been suffering with this since I was 6 I’m 22 now. All they’ve done is referred me for CBT which didn’t work, gave me 4mg of diazepam which didn’t work then 9mg which didn’t work. Is there anywhere else they can do?

I’m getting fed up with this phobia I need a blood test but my anxiety goes so high I can’t get it done. 

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    Forget doctors and get some hypnotherapy.  Something in your life has given you this phobia and you need to relate to it and unlearn it.  The therapist will also teach you a technique to relax when you go for the blood test.  The down side is it's not available on the NHS.

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    I've told you before that entanox works by making you dissociate and it's pain relieving or you could ask your doctor for a highly sedating major tranquiliser such as 25mg quetiapine to take an hour beforehand. There's also strong local anaesthetic cream to completely numb the area beforehand. Tiny children have blood tests with entanox and local anaesthetic cream and it really is time to accept that you aren't going to enjoy the experience but it's hardly torture. Are you actually practising the CBT at home as it's pointless if you don't put in the effort?

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