How is GPA calculated?

So i just found out that when you transfer schools only the grade is transferred over. Not the GPA. 

I switched from community to a four year university where right now not counting this fall 2020 semester

I have 3 A’s, 6 B’s, 3’s and 1 F( due to circumstances that i wasnt able to complete the course and I couldn’t financially afford fo drop.)

Right now this semester it looks as if i have 3 A’s coming and either a high C, Low B standing. I havent turned in my final research paper so idk if that can drastically change. 

Now with the grades i have i currently have GPA of 2.76. I already know that the F weighed me down. 

I plan on taking that class again in the spring. I know i can pass it because those circumstances I had earlier are fixed now. I know i can get an A in that class. But will that wipe away what the F did to my GPA. Im sure the F will still be there i just wanna know will the next grade replace it. Or will they do some kind of average between the two. 


I attend chicago state university 

Update 2:

I wrote my advisor about this like 2 weeks ago and got no response 😂 so i figured why not come here 💀 

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  • MS
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    2 months ago
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    Different schools do this differently.  Some replace the grade in your GPA, but not in your transcript (this seems to be most common).  Some replace the grade completely.  Some don't replace the grade at all, and the new grade is just factored into your GPA.  They don't usually average them, because that would require the actual percentage you earned in the class each time, which is not what is reported when grades are turned in. 

  • Paul
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    2 months ago

    Some schools wipe away the low grade, some just include both in the calculation.  Depends on the school.

  • 2 months ago

    I suspect each university has it's own way of doing GPA's.  Sometimes what they do doesn't seem fair.  I got a 3.8 GPA for my PhD seminars even though I had all A's.  I asked the school admin how I happened to get less than a 4.0 for my seminars.  I was told it was because I got a B+ in a prerequisite course I had to take at the Masters level because the MS I had did not include a couple of prerequisite courses for getting into the PhD program.

    In other words, the university folded those MS courses in with PhD seminars when they calculated the GPA for the PhD program.  I didn't think that was at all fair.  The MS courses were not a true part of the PhD program, they were prerequisites.  But still that's what they did.

    And here's my point.  Your university might or might not keep that F on the books when the GPA is calculated.  That's up to them; you probably should talk to the school's admin to find out what they do.

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