Cultural appropriation or appreciation?

I’m not trying to be offensive, I’m asking people from all ethnic/cultural backgrounds to answer this. I see A lot of controversy around white women embracing fashion trends or beauty standards that are typical of a certain ethnicity. (Example: laying down your baby hair, tanning, lip fillers). I see people getting very upset about this. On the other hand, I keep seeing people getting upset that “white beauty” is the standard and what’s always in the spotlight. My question is how do people expect diverse looks to come into the spotlight when the majority of the population isn’t allowed to participate in them? That doesn’t make sense either it’s exclusive and probably won’t gain popularity or it gains popularity and people catch onto it and copy it. That’s how trends have always worked, if you like it and it’s popular you want to do it. I don’t see how people can complain that their fashion/beauty standard are kicked to the side when most people aren’t allowed to participate? 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    White culture is "appropriated" by POC far more than black/minority culture is by whites. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Trends are made by individuals, and probably not even the brightest of people, and yet people with their brand-wagon mentalities and undiscerning minds are too quick to jump on any new thing, whether that thing has any wisdom or sense to it, they do not care. Popular cult(ure) really does require a cult mentality. What is cool now, is fleeting, because if it were truly cool (or good), it would remain good for years to come. The opinions of people are like the wind, changing one day from one direction to the next. The only opinion that would hold true weight, is the weight of the truth, but do not assume that just because something is popular, that it is the truth. Sometimes the truth is not popular, but it remains true as time passes, because truth is built into the fabric of creation. People can try to cover it up, but all they can do is conceal, but when that which conceals is removed, the truth is still there, and all truth is revealed in time because the superficial is only superficial. If you do not want to be lost in the confusion, seek to have a discerning mind... even if everyone around you is not on the same page with the truth, if you find truth, then keep it, and value it, because it will do good for you for years to come, unlike everything else that fades.

  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    race is bullcrap, beauty-standards are bullcrap.

    In many cases, "cultural appropriation" is bullcrap too.

    Real cultural appropriation is when people claim an ethnicity without even speaking the language, or claim that cole-slaw and apple-pie are american inventions

    Source(s): dutch leftist
  • Cultural Appropriation is just a nonsense term created by ignorant hypocrites to use when they have nothing else to virtue signal about.  

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Fried chicken is Scottish. Waffles are Belgian. Peanut butter was invented by the Incas. Potato chips were invented by a white Englishman named William Kitchiner. BBQ is taíno food. BBQ sauce was invented by English, French and German Americans. Gumbo is cajun. Cornbread is Native American. Chicken fried chicken is Austrian. Pancakes are Greek.

    White people invented synthesizer, electric guitar, electric bass guitar,saxophone and computer (which is used to make hip hop beats/music). Blues has Celtic influences. Jazz has classical influences and uses pianos (Italian instrument) and saxophone (Belgian instrument). The German electronic band Kraftwerk influenced house,techno and hip hop. All "black genres" use instruments invented by non-blacks. The blues was first sung in the English language. Same with all the other popular "black genres". Even tap dancing originated from England. Scottish people invented flyting which is basically rap battle music that predates hip hop culture. 

    Basketball and football were invented by white people (James Naismith and Walter Camp). 

    Nike was created by a White American (Phil Knight). Adidas was created by an actual Nazi (Adolf Dassler). 

    Black people are the last group that should be talking about cultural appropriation. 

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