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Is it true that Russians do not believe in God, God does believe in Russians?

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    David K, two ignorant idiots thumbed down your perfect answer. To the assker, did you ever see the churches PRESIDENT PUTIN HAS PAID TO REBUILD WITH OIL AND GAS MONEY???? If so, l doubt this silly question would have appeared. MANY RUSSIANS BELUEVE IN GOD.

    But then, Russians are not like all of us. We (l got my citizenship) wear a cross and often an Icon (the Gospel in picture form) UNDER our shirt, blouse, etc. We wear a ring, inconspicuously bearing a prayer. So Russia, and even the USSR, is not atheist. Get out of the box and learn. Travel the world.

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    I think the Bible says that some people in every nation will be saved. 

  • 2 months ago

    Russians are like the rest of us. Some are religious, some are not. Unlike the US, their culture does not inundate them with religious ideas. They share the same morals and ethics as people in other countries.

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