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How can we get a new car title when the car's owner is in prison?

My friend is in prison and will be for a while. We are getting his car towed to our house but the bank foreclosed on his house and they lost all paperwork including the title. What's the easiest way to get a new title for this car since he cant do it himself? Idk if he wants to keep it or sell it or give it to his kids but he asked us to help out only problem is we aren't quite sure how. Its my understanding that a requested new title generally goes to the address on file but like I said that address has been foreclosed on. New York btw.

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    Its problematic because he can't do it and he probably can't even sign in front of a notary from prison.

    There are a couple of other ways. First I presume the car is paid off and there are no liens outstanding.

    Easiest option is get a bonded title. That is essentially an insurance policy that the real owner will not come back & sue the state.  Problem is its expensive. Probably 5-10% of the cars value.

    Other options may include some lying.... You could get a mechanics lien by pretending you worked on the car and did not get paid. Or an abandoned title by pretending it was left on your property and following the exact procedures for your state. In mine it used to include a notice in the paper.

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    The easiest method would be to hire a lawyer to draft a limited power of attorney to someone not in jail, to sign documents regarding the car for your friend.  Including, but not limited signing the application for the new title with the state.

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    maybe if you get power of attorney you can handle his business for him.....what did the motor vehicle office say when you called them.

    you can get papers notarized from prison if that is what is needed.

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