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Can anyone who is not American, say what powers the heart and mind to move a human?

If you are American , can you.say first

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  • CRR
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    4 weeks ago

    Not a Merkin. The soul powers the heart and mind..

  • Dubbs
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    2 months ago

    I am an American, though I can't be sure I completely understand your question.

    What powers the heart and mind? The human body, like any animal's body can be reasoned away as a Biological Machine/Computer. We have power centers all over our body called chakras. These may effect some of our traits and abilities. Some of these power centers can can stay in perfect balance within our lifetime, while others will need to be worked on. If you look at the acupuncture system of a human it slightly resembles a circuit board.

    Most westerners do not believe in these channels of energy primarily due to negligence in the medical and scientific field for rejecting anything slightly relating to spiritual aspects.

    It is our souls that offer us consciousness, free will and thought process in the brain.

    The heart begins to function as it is being formed in the mother's womb and this maintains throughout our lives, pumping blood, delivering oxygen across the body. This will work in concert with other areas of the body, maintaining its function. Lungs will carry the air while the digestive system takes nutrients from our food and uses this as a stable source of energy. So I guess the heart, is kinda like the battery.

    There's also this area in our brain that constantly reminds our heart to keep beating. It's like G-code in a machine, it's constant.The Brain is like the hard drive as it maintains all the command functions of the others areas of the body.As the brain generates its own magnetic field it thus controls the electrical impulses it's sending our muscles to move.However there's something deeper in our brain that makes us us. As the body is machine and the brain the computer guiding it, the commands must come from somewhere. There's a limited number of space up there, in our brain, but we seem to have an infinite amount of memory and thought. We can think about thought, and we can remember remembering. And there's really nowhere in the brain for these memories and thoughts to come from and go.Although most people take consciousness for granted because it's so common, but really think about it. Most animals are instinctually based and have a code of behavior ingrained in them. We still have instinct to eat when we're hungry and pee when we have to, but we can override contemporary biological urges and think complex and creative thoughts.How can one attribute awareness to a bag of chemicals? If that's all we are, then how do chemicals make creative and logical decisions?

    There's an energetic signature that links our spirits to our bodies that is broken upon death. When the computer is dead, the user just walks away because there's more that's out there then just the physical plain. 

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    Not sure if that was helpful though.

  • Dixon
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    2 months ago

    The Krebs cycle            

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  • KennyB
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    2 months ago

    The 'power' in movement (both heart and mind) is chemical.  Simplistically, you burn sugars (carbohydrates) to get the energy you need for your muscles and your mind.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The autonomic and voluntary nervous systems, as with other mammals and higher animals.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

     Don't actually think anyone really does have such power z

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