How to reset windows 10 password when forgotten?

Please help all my data is saved in my computer and its locked.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    There are basically Four ways to fix this.

    1) You can use the Administrator account to reset your password. You will need to know the password to your Admin account, AND the Admin account will need to be activated for this to work. 2) Nordhal's Password Reset Disk. You wil need to understand a bit of Linux (it's operating system) and how to set your computer to boot to a USB or external source. 3) Ease of Access Hack. This is basically using an external boot source (see #2 above) to swap the Ease of Access and CMD.exe on the target drive. When reset, the ease of access then opens a command prompt which then would allow you to type a "net use.." command to reset the password. 4) Take it to a local tech.

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