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Reasonably priced good wig shop suggestions?

I'm a 24 year old woman with terrible alopecia. I've been considering wearing a wig but tbh I don't have very much money and I know absolutely nothing about wigs. I have a desk job at a doctor's office so I need something that looks realistic because I don't want my patient's to know I have this issue and I need to look professional. Any suggestions? I'm willing to spend some money as long as the wig looks realistic and it will last.

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  • bubula
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    2 months ago

    Look online for the broadest selection. If the style is flattering to you, consider a wig with bangs. The most easily detected giveaway that it's not your natural hair is the hairline, which is covered by bangs. Go for your natural color or very close to it, as this will most likely compliment your complexion. Something a bit tousled will look better than something absolutely straight and smooth.

    Best of luck.

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