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Is autism really even a disability when some or most of us are average IQ? ?

Everyone can have anxiety, depression, PTSD etc, you could say everyone is a bit disabled. I am autistic, and I see my autism as a gift of nature.

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  • 2 months ago

    Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, the world's foremost expert on autism talks about the 5 brain types.  These are systemisers, balanced, empathisers and one more on each end of the spectrum.  Those on the left end are considered autistic.  Whilst obviously there are some on the extreme left end who are non verbal, there are also many who are extremely successful.  Their thought processes are narrow and deep.  Their repetitive behaviours allow them to see patterns.  That is why they make great scientists.  Their lack of empathy tends to make them behave in ways that can seem odd to those who are not autistic which is why they are often bullied at school.

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