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True idea of equality would be if Females took roles of guys and Males took the roles of Females?


We should let chicks be men and men be in the kitchen, so that females beat the crap out of each other? So that they dont become sissies like guys. To keep them in check, they get skinny, and you have iron chicks walking around.

I am obviously joking but, just to remove the idea that, it would be a better world. Also dictators would be chicks and all :P

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    We'd be a much less effective species if "Females" did all the piano moving and "Males" were responsible for breast feeding.

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    So you want guys to dumb down, paint their face like clowns, act trampy and use people to get something..? I thinks guys don't want to lower themselves like that..

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    True equality is where all people have equal rights and opportunities, but also equal responsibilities and accountability. It means no special rights as well as no oppression. True equality means that, for example, an employment opportunity is open to all and the best qualified candidate gets the job. People are neither unfairly advantaged nor disadvantaged because of their characteristics (such as gender, race, religion, sexual orientation.)

    True equality also gives people a choice. So, if a woman wants to be a stay at home mom, she is free to do so. Equally, if she wants a career, she is free to pursue that. And the same for guys. They can choose to be a stay at home dad or they can work. 

    But, furthermore, true equality means treating people as individuals and not forcing them to be what they don't want to be. If a man doesn't want to be emotional, he shouldn't have to be. If a woman doesn't want to date a feminine man, she shouldn't feel pressured to do so. 

    The liberal left seems to have forgotten and lost sight of what true equality actually is, and in doing so, they're going against the sprit of equality itself. 

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