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Is Romans 1:26 basically saying that because women are getting more  feminist the men are turning pervert?

Romans 1:26 : "That is why God gave them over to disgraceful sexual passion, for their females changed the natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature."

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    Why does the Bible describe homosexual acts as unnatural and obscene? Because they involve sexual activity that was not intended by our Creator. Homosexual acts cannot produce offspring. The Bible compares homosexual activity to the sexual relations that rebellious angels, who came to be known as demons, had with women before the Deluge of Noah’s day. (Genesis 6:4; 19:4, 5; Jude 6, 7) God views both acts as unnatural.

    History does not make clear how prevalent homosexuality was among the Romans. No doubt, though, they were influenced by their Greek predecessors, among whom it was widely practiced. It was customary for older men to corrupt young boys, taking them under their wing in a student-teacher relationship that often steered the youngsters into deviant sexual behavior. Undoubtedly, Satan and his demons were behind such vice and mistreatment of children.—Joel 3:3; Jude 6, 7.

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    No.  Thanks for asking.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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    Being a feminist does not mean you hate men. That's not how that works. 

    Men being allowed to be themselves is not ever a bad thing. Having to pretend to be some macho unfeeling snarling alpha whatever hurts men. It strips them of their humanity, same as women have been stripped of theirs by having to fit very narrow molds of what's acceptable for women to be as made up by religious leaders who hate women. 

    Allowing humans to be who they are instead of telling them they have to be this would actually solve a whole host of problems that have plagued societies since men figured out they could sell their daughters for goats. 

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    Men appear to be completely unable to take responsibility for their own actions.  It's as if they're mindless drones who can't make any decisions on their own but can only react to whatever women do.

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