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Why do old people (over 55 years) lack personal space?

What I have noticed is that older people seem to lack of personal space (like standing closer to you when talking or being closer to you in a line compared to younger people).

There are times I walk into a neurological clinic or taking a bus where there is ample room yet when an old person gets on he/she would always take the seat closest to other passengers/complete strangers for some unexplained reason. Like aren't these particular older people worried about creeping people out or something? As a 27 year old guy I get creeped out when strangers just sit next to me for no reason and I worry I would also creep someone out if I do the same thing....

Don't say Alzheimers or Dementia because alot of these older people are too young/able and lack of personal space is not a symptom associated with both conditions. More prove is that younger people (younger than 55) with overlapping disabilities like Brain Injury, ASD  and severe mental illness (Schizophrenia/Bipolar) that actually have lack of personal space as a symptom in the dsm generally overcome it (infact kack of personal space is the first thing they tackle and successfully overcome)

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  • LAN
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    2 months ago

    Do you always make stupid assumptions based on limited date that isn't scientifically valid?

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