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Who should get to name the children?

I believe the mother should because she is the one that is giving birth. The father doesn’t really do “ anything” 

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    Ideally a couple should be able to compromise and find a name they both like, but I do think the final decision should rest with the mother, as she's the one going through pregnancy and birth. 

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    I think it should be a compromise. My parents did it that I would get my moms middle name and they had to agree on the first name. My dad named my brother after him, then with my sisters they alternated middle names for family names and agreed on first names. 

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    Not since he was castrated by a misandrist, disfunctional society, where he's been displaced from his rightful role in the natural, normal order. It used to be that couples would offer up each other suggestions until they agreed upon a name they both loved.

    Now it's become fashionable and stylish to demonstrate how abnormal one is, as a way of asserting one's unique individuality. 

    Truth is, we are much more alike than we care to admit.

    So, pull up your big girl panties and roar like a woman who just got emotionally unhinged by a MAGA hat.

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    Either make a bet and the winner gets to decide or compromise. 


    The person who guess the gender right gets to name the baby. If you’re both from rival colleges then the person that attended the alma mater that wins gets to decide. 


    Just throw out some names that you like and he throws out some names he likes. If both of you have a name that you both like then there you go. 

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    Random strangers on the internet 

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