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Did Joe Biden lie here?

"I had the great honor of being arrested with our U.N. ambassador on the streets of Soweto trying to get to see Nelson Mandela on Robbens Island.”---Joe Biden

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    <Joe Biden FINALLY admits he was NOT arrested while trying to visit Nelson Mandela - but says he WAS 'stopped' and separated from black Congressmen by 'Afrikaners with guns'>

    He was lying here as well:

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Republicans suddenly have a problem with lies? LOLOLOL!

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    “I guess I wasn’t arrested, I was stopped. I guess I should have said, I was detained.” - Joe Biden, Feb. 28. 

    Now,: go ahead and post 

    "I guess Mexico was never going to pay for the wall, I guess I should have said, The US Taxpayer would pay for the wall". 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    He’s also a serial plagiarizer 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    So what if he did? You didn't mind Trump's tens of thousands of lies while in office, did you?

  • TB12
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    2 months ago

    Not arrested,, briefly detained.

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