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Who's the best QB for each decade? ?

40s: Otto Graham. Shouldn't be a debate

50s: Still Otto Graham. Still Shouldn't be a debate60s: I think Unitas but you could argue Starr70s: There were some good QBs (Dawson, Stabler) but Staubach was on another level 80s: Montana. Some guys (Fouts) were better for a year or two but Montana was consistent and he won and he played well in big games.   90s:  Young, Favre, Elway and you can't forget about Aikman. I would lean towards Favre00s: Manning, Rodgers, Wilson and Brees. A lot of people would say the guy from New England but I don't think he's in the same class. 10s: Mahomes. Shouldn't be a debate

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    1940's and 1950's: Otto Graham

    1960's: Bart Starr

    1970's: Fran Tarkenton

    1980's: Joe Montana

    1990's: Brett Favre

    2000's and 2010's: Drew Brees

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