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What do you think of Miss Tessmacher? As an in ring worker and looks wise?

Found her really attractive however pretty bad in the ring lol wbu?

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    I thought that she gradually became a very skilled in-ring performer during her stint in TNA. Her matches with Gail Kim were pretty enjoyable. She wasn't really a fully trained wrestler during her stint in the World Wrestling Federation. She was more of a pole dancer.

    Looks wise, 10/10. Very beautiful young lady with a nice voluptuous body.  It's how I imagine an angel from Heaven would look like. 

    P.S It would be so hilarious, if this is the real Brooke Adams/Tessmacher that's asking this question. If it is then Brooke you look stunning. There's no need to be insecure about the way you look.

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    Not the worst women wrestler, look wise 9 out of 10.

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