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Can I reaggravate the damaged nerves in my face?

I had a root canal done last year on upper molar right side, which lead to face pain on both sides of my face, numbing, throbbing, constant pins/needles electric burning pulsating a feeling of something constantly crawling under the skin that was unrelenting for months.

I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Trigeminal Neuropathy indirectly caused by the root canal. I receive monthly nerve blocks injections.

But now I need another root canal on my lower molar on the left side. I am terrified that all the progress I have made with my face in regards to reducing the pain/irritation and getting the nerve damage under control will be lost. I can't get a solid answer about my face in regards to how to proceed am terrified of returning back to square one with the way my face was it was unbearable or if this root canal will make it worse or create new damage. 

There is no infection in my tooth just a very irritated nerve that hurts every time I bite down or gum pain my dentist thought it was the overlay that was shot replaced with a crown over a live nerve the tooth still is achy a month later.

The endodontist nor neurologist don't know if this root canal will make my facial nerve damage worse or cause new nerve damage to my face. Any advice? Help or tips? Does anyone know if nerve damage can be made worse or reset? 

My Endodontists offers the Gentle Wave Procedure for an extra $200. Would it be best to try the Gentle wave with my condition? How does the Gentle Wave work?


Am I better off in getting this tooth extracted? Can an extraction be done on a tooth with a live nerve and a crown? What can I expect if I do an extraction? Which procedure the root canal or the extraction has a better chance of causing less nerve damage or aggravating the facial nerves? Can a root canal be done thru a crowned tooth safely and without damage to the crown? Anyone have negative / positive experience with Gentle Wave? Long term results with Gentle Wave good or bad?

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    Have it extracted, no way would I risk it. I only have 3 teeth on each side at the bottom and am able to chew normally.

    Update.the crown would have to be removed to do a root canal then replaced.

    Of course it can be extracted.

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