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Is he being fake? ?

There was a guy I met through mutual friends we were cool and hitted off. I think he developed feelings me because after we hooked up he kept on texting me. I just wanted a one night stand. So I started to develop feelings for him also and we started going out more and there were times we hanged out without having sex. But then I started hearing him talking foul about me to his friends and how stupid I was to be with him. When I overheard him my heart sunked. When I confronted him about it he said he wasn’t talking about me knowing damn well I heard my name in the conversation. I started to loose interest in him from days because I started to feel as tho I’m wasting my time. Why treat me like a girlfriend and then bash me in front of your friends? He finally admitted to me that he just wanted sex. So after that I blocked him wholeheartedly without complaining just left him. A year later I seen him and he wanted to explain and talk to me about what happened but I ignored him. I see him sometimes at a club and he seems to stare and watch me at times. I one time pulled up to the club with my current boyfriend who treats me like a queen not knowing I was going to bump into him again. He looked angry and was ready to fight my boyfriend and he was watching us dancing throughout the whole night literally. I’m confused on what is going on? 

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  • Girl, there’s no way to tell if he is being fake or not. What I think though, is if he isn’t actually trying to contact you or speak to you to sort things then he’s still gonna be fake. Don’t forget he led you on and then broke your heart and used you for the sex... you have a boyfriend that treats you well - stick with him! Rub it in the other guys face that he could have had you if he stepped up his game ;)

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