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New cat in the house?

So we got an ex-ferral cat he is domesticated mostly by now (it’s been 6 months, he is 3 years old) we just got a new baby 9 months cat and they hate each other. The big one runs after the smaller one making the small one hide under the bed and making him hiss and do that weird fight noise until we take the big one out of the room,what should I do?

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    The big one is the boss cat in your household and he is letting the new one know that in no uncertain terms. He's jealous of his position with you, especially after his rough start in life. You can try petting them both so they smell each other on your hands and, if you can, do this in the presence of both of them. This'll help the big one understand that you still love and welcome him and the new one understand you love and welcome him too.  This can be reinforced by playing with them. You may find that eventually the new one plucks up the courage to face up to the older one and they'll bicker, often involving hissing, spitting, swearing and paw waving as they establish who is now top cat. That done, they'll often settle down.  There are no guarantees, cats are individualists and have their own opinions.  Good luck.

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