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2020 Election Fraud: Trump had already won. How did tens of thousands of Biden votes magically appear in the middle of the night?

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    They planned it.  Actually, Hillary was supposed to win in 2016, with all the bogus polls, but they were outsmarted by how  popular Trump was.

    So, the Chinese (puppeteers of Biden/Harris) had to make sure Biden won.

    So, they release a bio-terror weapon.

    That wasn't going to ruin everything by itself, so they have to get their others who are in on it, too to go along, so all the Blue Gov's put in lockdowns to ruin the economy.

    Well, not even that was enough to keep Trump down, so they had to make sure to be able to get access to "stuff the boxes". So, just before the election, the Dems file 200-300 lawsuits to change the voting rules in all the swing state counties.  So, "anything and everything goes".  Then they use the Dominion, Scorecard, Smartmatic, Scytl, software programs, which have a built in "back door" to be able to monitor in real time, how many votes are going in, so they used the foreign machines, Spain, Ireland, Frankfurt Germany.  They had pre filled in Biden ballots-some without names, addresses, dates, etc, some for dead people, etc, and whenthey saw Trump had won, in the evening, they suddenly shut down, started feeding those ballots in so they could bring Biden up and surpass Trump in those swing states.

    The funny thing was that so many of those ballots had one office, only filled in-BIDEN.  Some of them were even marked with something other than a pen, like ink printed on them and most of those weren't even folded!  How could do a mail in ballot, also received in the mail, without it being folded to be placed in an envelope???  

    So, suddenly by morning, VOILA!  Biden has won!  the graphs form the machines go from a flat line, straight up!  Reverse L shape for Biden.

    It was a multi faceted attack on our election system!

    They will not get away with it much longer!  Their little empire is coming down.  The DoD and  the DIA has been taking some of those people on "rendition flights" and "talking" to them.  They are apparently being given a choice to go to GITMO or help take down bigger fish.

    I think the President is quite serious about it all!

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    Trump hadn't "won".  He had a lead in the counting on election night.  And new votes didn't "magically" appear.  They appeared because the states began counting, and releasing totals for, absentee ballots.  Because of the coronavirus outbreak there was a massive increase in absentee ballot usage.  And because Democrats take the virus much more seriously than Republicans, the absentee ballots in many states broke heavily for Biden.  This meant that several states had a "red mirage" on election night where Trump appeared to be ahead, only for his lead to vanish once absentee ballots began being counted.

    The thing is that this effect was 100% expected by literally everyone involved in politics and the news media.  Literally everyone.  They all knew that the initial numbers might be deceptive, and quite possibly would show Trump with a lead, perhaps even a large one.  Because Republicans take the covid outbreak less seriously, and because Trump had spent weeks demonizing mail in voting as insecure, it was expected that most Trump voters would vote in person.  Because in person votes are counted earlier and quicker than absentee ballots (which have to be removed from envelopes, processed and verified for securiry before being counted) the early results were expected to favor Trump.  But it was also expected, for the reasons that I already mentioned, that the absentee ballots would heavily favor Biden and bring about a "blue shift" where the numbers moved in his direction.  This expectation is why Trump spent a fair amount of time before the election arguing that whoever seemed to be ahead on election night should be declared the winner and that further ballots should not be counted (an ironic statement given his newfound insistence that "the media doesn't pick the President").  As I said, literally everyone expected this.  It's not a mystery.  The only mystery on election night was whether the "blue shift" of the absentee ballots would be enough to actually give Biden victory.  Turns out it was. 

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    It's ALL over the internet the multiple answers to your question proving MASSIVE DEMOCRAT VOTER FRAUD!

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    *yawn*.  Another worthless rightie too lazy to learn to use google and look up the answer to this question.

    Glad I could clear that up for ya.  You can award me Favorite Answer now.

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    There’s been so many magical votes in this election it was more like open day at Hogwarts. Magically, Pennsylvania managed to receive back 700,000 more mail ballots than it sent out.

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    it's called counting

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