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I lost my Dad moved to my Moms house 2 hours from home and very lonely.?

I am 18 my parents got divorced when I was 2 years old both of my parents would fight constantly my Mom is 55 and Dad was 58 I am a 2020 graduate I have Autism, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and Bipolar disorder. I never really had friends until High School and their was always drama about me such as rumors and me being bullied for being fat but otherwise I lived in a quiet small safe Rural town and loved my hometown. I lived with Dad until July when he had passed in a tragic car accident on a Rural road he collided with a corn combine in his truck. he also did not have me in his will he donated everything he had to charity I am a only child and almost all my family is gone since they are all older. I moved to my Moms house 2 hours away where she lives in another small town in a area with little to no job opportunity and a 30 minute drive just to run common errands, doctor, groceries, gas station. I moved up here I have a car (That I bought paid in full+insurance gas too) I pay bills such as Propane, Sewer, Electric, Water is well water no bill. My Mom has bad paranoia and she wont even let me use electric I get off work at midnight and since she turns the breaker off at night I sit in the dark with candles and the fireplace on and I pay the bill I recently got laid off my job so now I had to find a temporary minimum wage job but all the money goes to bills Mom says that I get paid more than she did back in the 70s and 80s but I have no friends up here and mom does not get along withme


I have very little money saved and I have not ran around with anyone since I moved I work with a lot of older middle aged people and have not met friends I am lonely and miss my hometown I miss the friends I had their. Mom calls me names for example she calls me Gumby because I have a chipped tooth from a bicycle accident she also calls me fatass when I am overweight she also throws out the groceries I buy and pitches all my belongings even though I keep my room organized. I need friends

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    maybe you should get some counseling

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