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am I overreacting?

since yesterday was thanksgiving my friend invited me over to hang out. well it was 5 pm and I was getting ready to go over there and my friend said his mom only wanted family over and that I could go over after everyone was done eating but I never planned to eat there. I got mad and never said anything back. am I overreacting or what?

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    No, you are not overreacting. Your feelings were hurt. With many not visiting their own family due to COVID fears or just not having family, you had your mind set to go grab a bite and return to enjoy the food as your own little Thanksgiving treat to soothe your own needs on the holiday. So, to suddenly be disinvited is a slap in the face and a rejection that hurts. I blame your dumb friend for having no couth! First, your dumb friend should have asked permission before inviting you. Next, your dumb friend upon having discovered there was a request to have you come later, could have just said VERBALL, NOT BY TEXT, we're having a snafu over here right drama...can u come over at 8p instead? That way, yes, you would have been annoyed, but it would not have been put back on your presence being rejected as a non-family member. 

    I understand why you did not want to text back and ask for food. It was so stupid and painful that you would rather eat ice cream than seem like Oliver Twist begging for porridge. 

    If this was a good friend, maybe call tomorrow. Your friend will ask what happened and just explain how you felt and you were alone on the holiday, so it was painful. 

    If the friend sucked prior to this, delete from contacts, block, and move forward without that dumb friend.

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    Maybe he wants to introduce you to the family. Due to that, he didn't inform the family he is going to bring a guest. But at the last minute, he notified that he is going to bring a guest and the family didn't agree to make you join with them on the same table. 

    But Thanksgiving supposes to have together not batch by batch. I think you are reacting right amount. You should question him why he did it? Please let us know his answer.

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