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Is it racist and brainwashed that I don't like dark skin girls?

I was asked about a girl who liked me, and I said, "she's very sweet, but she's kinda too dark for me." Then I was called "racist and brainwashed, etc." 

I mean, I understand that darker women struggle in the media, etc., but at the same time, all guys still have different opinions on beauty and their own individual opinion on beauty, so not every man has to like dark skin, cuz we all different. Lighter skin is just prettier, in my opinion. Obviously I won't like a girl just cuz she's light, her face has to be pretty as well and good personality. There's tons of ugly light girls too, but my preference is lighter girls with pretty faces. 

Am I still brainwashed? Cuz people are always constantly so quick to call men brainwashed just cuz they like lighter women, or even just 1 lighter woman. It's like c'mon.  


@Anonymous- I would date neither of those girls. Why do you act like as if those are the only options? You know that light pretty girls with good personalities still exist too, so I would pick her. 

Update 2:

@Anon- Ironically, I'm not a White man, but a Brown Hispanic man. I love my own Hispanic women, but the most beautiful women I've ever seen are White women, LOL! I try to hide it and not overdo it, but I still get called racist and brainwashed just for having a crush on a White girl. 

Update 3:

@Cathy- The girl in the picture isn't pretty, IMHO. People always try to persuade me to like Black girls with pictures, but they are never good pictures.

Update 4:

@Kate- If a crush I had rejected me cuz I wasn't her racial preference, I'd be EXTREMELY sad, but I wouldn't call her racist. That's just her preference and there's also way more fish in the sea. 

I'd only call it racist if she actually insulted my race. Like if she said something like, "ew, go back to Mexico you dirty Mexican!" Then that's obviously racist. But if she just rejected my kinda and said I don't fit her preference, then that's NOT racist 👍.

Update 5:

@Kate- And I said a million times that I do care about personality too a lot. I'm not ghetto date some ghetto White girl just cuz she's super hot, but I still may sleep with her, just NEVER date. And as I already said, pretty White girls with good personalities still exist too, so I will choose her.

Update 6:

@Kate- Also my whole life I only liked Mexican girls. It's only when I was 14, I seen the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen in my English class that made my heart skip a beat, and shockingly, she was White AF. That changed my whole opinion and perspective on beauty.

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    Some of these answers are impeccable. These people who are saying your racist are just dark skin black women or men who are offended. Who cares what they think. Overall I don’t find dark skin attractive either, even tho I have liked some men who were dark skinned I was young and foolish and as I got older I came to realization none of them were attractive. You’re not racist at all. It’s just preference as I’ve heard light skin black guys say they don’t like dark skinned black women. And thanks I’m Romanian and I find Hispanic very attractive. As I agree with anonymous answers here, dark skinned people will get you into trouble lol 

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    There is nothing racist about wanting to date within your own race.

  • 2 months ago

    no it isnt......its a preference

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    2 months ago

    Race is a set of external appearance features that are the result of sexual selection.

    If everyone were to quit using race as a criteria when selecting a mate, race would disappear in just a few generations, we would all be one race.

    The point is it is perfectly natural to express a preference when selecting a mate.

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    There's definitely a fine line between racist and opinion. It's completely okay to have a preference because everyone does, but it starts getting racist if you absolutely won't even give black girls a chance just because of the color of their skin. For example, if they had a fantastic personality, you get along with them well, and they're gorgeous, yet you wouldn't even try because they're black. 

    Also it wouldn't hurt to be a little bit nicer when it comes to rejection.

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    2 months ago

    Dark girls have dark men to marry try not to get in their way don’t get in their family and don’t miss around with dark folks they only get others in to deep trouble 

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    2 months ago

    no it isn't........................

  • Cathy
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    2 months ago

    It is racist.  That black stuff does not rub off.  

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    We all have a preference, but maybe if you could look beyond her skin shade it wouldn’t matter? It’s your choice, but it seems a little harsh that you wouldn’t date someone because of their skin shade and if her personality is sweet that is the only thing that truly should matter.

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    2 months ago

    Nothing wrong with what you find attractive. 

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