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Went above my boss, had no choice? ?

My line manager always has a tendency to send over the top emails, long emails where a single event triggers him to do so.  This is always sent to the whole team and its always rude or got something in it that puts us down.  He his hot headed and gets emotional over everything.  I normally laugh it off.  He sent me on yesterday that I can't laugh if it.  We are using this new system and it's not working right.  I understand it well and have no issues using it but it doesn't let me submit new requests for overtime.  He refused my requests as I put the wrong input like the rest of the team did.  He accepted the same requests from other team members so I asked him if that was a mistake, and if I should just go to our help team if he came assist.  He had explained to me what to do the previous day even though I said you don't need to show me, but I let him.  Then he said I was not learning and it's unacceptable, that I have no excuse.  I am learning but usually when you learn, you talk to people. 

I went to my next manager up and said I just can't handle more of these emails, he's speaking to me like a piece of crap when I only asked a follow up question and actually didn't need another explanation as he assumed I did.  A mis understanding on his part, but he's flew off the handle.  

Feel like I've made my life worse, but I don't need a boss like that, to lower my morale like that when in fact I do know what to do, but as he's aware the system is faulty. 

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    You are there to do what your boss asks of you, period. You are not in charge. You are the problem in this situation. Do your work as you were asked to do. If things are not working. Your boss will discuss the issues with his boss. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.  DO YOUR WORK AND STOP BEING A NUISANCE 

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