Pain on the inside of the knee cap?

I just participated in a competition and the final event was an 8 mile ruck. Towards the end, my knee started to hurt and was very sore days for days afterwards. But then the pain went away but has come back in short but painful durations. Mainly when I bend it but walk hurts as well. But at this current time it only mildly hurts when I push on the inside of my knee around the “rim” of my knee cap. Any ideas? MCL? Deep bone bruise?


Also there is no swelling or buckling 

1 Answer

  • Olive
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Possibly bursitis in your knee. Which is an inflammation of the tissue. Ibuprofen can help alot. Also bandage knee or put brace on it and ice packs and try keeping off it much as can. Tho could be strained joint muscle

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