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What zodiac sign(s) is she?

She is a very nosy person. She is suspicious toward secretive people because she assumes that these people are going to do underhanded things. So, EVERY time she gets a chance, she always tries hard to find out their secrets, and she will never give up until she finds them. She wants to know everything about you, but she does not let you know everything about her. After she successfully found out your secrets and collected all of the personal information about you, she tells them to lots of people too. She used those things against you so that you will lose or have a downfall. Once, she made a Scorpio woman angry too because she could not keep her secret, the Scorpio woman was very young at the time she was telling a secret to her, but then, the Scorpio woman does not trust her anymore and now, she became a person who thrives on secrecy because of that. Can you guess her zodiac sign? Also, do you think she is evil?

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    Sounds like a dirty nosey libra or Sagittarius who has to know everything about you and hates you if you don’t. Stupid malicious ****... Is she evil? No shhhit... Jist look at all the damage and destruction and chaos they so selfishly and maliciously and intentionally caused.. Murder 12 year olds and basically dedicated their lives to destroying theirs for about 20 years and it revolves around it too. By stalking sabotaging gas lighting charecter assassinating backstabbing lying deceiving basically doing whatever they possibly can to destroy you and make it as painful as they possibly can. By using huge huge huuuuge amounts of manipulation and unfair treatment and huge amounts of time and effort all put in to completely try and destroy me. Mannn I hope you pay for this god fukcing dammit!!! And then after that.. After they have successfully got you fired from your job due to all of their relentless relentless unprovoked attack after attack after attack.. and your back is against the wall and you have nowhere to go or turn what do they do?They keep constantly attacking you..  They keep you trapt held down and in a constant state of seige and destruction and they all take cheap shots at you. Ohhh you people are soo fukced up!!! God dammit I hope you pay for practically dedicating your lives to destroying mine for the longest fukcing time!!! Is t hate a truth?? And a fact?? That you.. Tge ugly sag girl who played the Britney Spears song.. Eff me over your exposure.. Who I think is teds Cheryl air sign Canadian family?? .. And the libra girl who spreads tuner with the upturned nose and doesn’t like smoking and tells people not to when she worked at the bar at the catalyst and she use to date gordon and has blue eyes pale skin.. Are murderers who murder 12 year olds right?? Wow.. What a good thing you are doing and have done.. How pure and.. A good thing you’ve done.. You should just be so fukcing proud of yourselves shouldn’t you be??? Ohh I hope you pay for this god fukcing dammit.. Keep your money and reward I just want you pos to pay and pay dearly for the hell you have unleashed and brought to my life for the past 20 plus years!! Ohh I hope you pay for this god fukcing dammit!!!! You god damn homicidal sickos!!! It’s not right what you have done or fair!! Ohh I hope you pay for this god fukcing dammit!!! You are some sick sick sick fukcing people aren’t you!!! Are you the worst someone for someone to destroy?? I hope you get a taste of your own 20 god damn year coming medicine. Is she a arrogant fukcing rumor spreading **** that works at Walgreens in paradise?? Ohh you people are soo fukced up god dammit I hope you greedy selfish homicidal pigs pay for this go dfukcing dammit you selfish greedy god damn pigs!!! You still drive that white shield car? That was stalking me around at rite aid before it burnt down?? .. Ohh you people are sooo fukced up and selfish god dammit I hope your greedy pig asses pay for this!!! Your 20 plus assault on my life god fukcing dammit!!!

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