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At what point should Americans exercise their full rights under the Second Amendment?

And what should their first action be 


I’m really amazed how few people understand the purpose of the second amendment, so here are a few clues; #1, it isn’t just to shoot Bambi

#2, it isn’t just for self protection 

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    The reason the Second Amendment is in the Constitution is to grant each citizen the power and authority to defend the American Constitution from all enemies both Foreign and Domestic.

    Use all of your Rights Responsibly.

    Irresponsible and unethical use of any Right usually creates Liabilities and the irresponsible individual may be brought up on charges in a Court of Law. When they aren't, everyone else gets stuck with the task and expense of correcting those Liabilities. That is a basic cause of Socialism. No one gets stuck with correcting the problems they personally caused so the Nation becomes corrupted.

    Your FIRST action when using weapons should be the use of Logic (and never react emotionally) so you can make the correct and ethical or lawful choice.

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    The only right under the Second Amendment is the right to have properly regulated (controlled) guns.  The first action necessary in order to exercise that right is to enact the gun regulations that the Second Amendment says that no free country can even survive without.

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    The Second Amendment has been obsolete for a long time. We have a large Army, Navy, Air Force, etc. to protect us, we no longer need to rely on a militia. The Second Amendment is long overdue to be amended.

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    When foreign nationals under Joe Joe the dancing Chinese clown start appearing nationwide.

    You KNOW you are a flaming anti-gun Liberal when you HAVE to mention BAMBI in your rant, huh????

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    Coronavirus is a Crisis and NON-Crisis. It's FAKE. 

    We need to stand up to the Globalist New World Order

    and shut them down. The same people behind the 

    staged 9/11, Boston-Marathon, Sandy Hook pranks 

    are behind the FAKE outbreak. (only 6% die from it)

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    Our first actions will be the Democrat politicians and legislators I've doxxed. It's not just SS policemen following orders from a dictator we'll target, no, the politicians and legislators who think there are no consequences for them and believe they are safe when actually they are going to be hunted down. 

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    We've been doing that already idiot

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