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How to stop lying so much?

I turn 30 years old tomorrow (November 28) and I know I'm getting too old for lying. I lie because I sometimes feel like I have to protect others from bad news. I don't typically lie about stuff about my perosnal life/history. But whenever I get bad news I usually cover it up or lie about it, but it usually ends up hurting someone else in the end. I've lost a lot of relationships/friends due to this problem. It didn't start with me until I was sexually abused and I hid the fact I was abused for many years. For example, I was in a car wreck a few years back and I am getting a lousy settlement. I lied and told my mom the settlement is much higher because I don't want her to be angry or upset because she is depending on some of the money. The lying makes me feel bad and sick inside, how do I correct this? I also lied to my ex and told him he could move in with me and mom in December, but all the while, my mother knows nothing of him. Now he broke up with me. I want to please people, and not disappoint them, but why can't I see that when they've found I've lied they're going to be angrier? How do I stop?

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