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About Transfering to a UC from a Community College?

I know you can transfer from a community college to a university, with an ADT. An ADT is a degree offered through the California community colleges that gives students the opportunity to earn a guaranteed saved spot at participating four-year universities, both throughout California and outside the state. I have a 4.0 at the community college I am at. The thing is I never graduated high school. I went to my high school graduation but I never officially graduated (it was a weird time in my life).  I am 30 and I have an interesting story- I enrolled back into community college a year ago and worked very hard. I am about to get my associates degree and am preparing to transfer to a university, I am wondering if it matters that I did not graduate high school? 

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    I believe that UCs and CSU do not require proof of high school graduation for incoming junior transfers.

    (ibu guru's answer is outdated; UCs are now required to accept community college ADT transfers, and are required to increase their numbers)(which are already well over 25%).

    That said, federal financial aid requires a high school diploma or state equivalent, such as a GED or an approved homeschool. Being enrolled in community college no longer is acceptable (unless you were enrolled prior to July 1, 2012; it's grandfathered). 

    There are several exceptions. You could contact the financial aid office regarding "ability to benefit". Or you could just take the GED now. 

    If, however, you fraudulently told the community college you had graduated, or lied on your FAFSA, you'll be in a lot of trouble. 

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    If you have an associate's degree, then what you did (or did not do) in high school will not matter.  I believe the UC schools just recently started participating in the ADT program; last I heard they were still ironing out the details.  So be sure to work closely with an advisor or counselor at your community college to make sure you are ideally prepared for transfer.  Your grades are perfect, so that's a great first step.

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    If you earn an associate's degree, high school doesn't matter. But transferring into UC from community college is very difficult. California's community college grads usually go to CSUs, not UCs.

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