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I think my dog is sick due to fertilizer poison help?

A day or two after my yard got treated my shih tzu started not eating, wasn’t very energetic and walking stiff. On Monday she went to the vet and her x ray showed she has an enlarged heart but she wasn’t coughing or hacking like other dogs with heart problems and I’m thinking how could she go from energetic and playful to were she is now so quick? So I’m starting to think that she might have gotten sick somehow consuming fertilizer in the grass and why the x ray shows her heart is enlarged. What should I do to help my baby get better. 

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    Fertilizer would not cause an enlarged heart.   It could cause the dog to be sick and throwing up.   However that could be a red herring and the dog had the heart problem all along and it is now just showing up.  

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    You need a Vet to check out your dog.  Some of the chemicals they put on lawns is very toxic to dogs.  It depends on what was put on the lawn & how much your dog ate.  If you don't know what was put on your lawn call the company that applied it.  If you applied it, check the bag for toxicity to animals.  See a Vet as soon as possible.  Check for side effects.

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    Fertilizer and lawn chemicals do not generally cause an enlarged heart and normally would damage their liver and/or kidneys instead. I think your speculation here about the cause of your dog's heart problem is incorrect. 

    Not all dogs with heart failure cough, it depends largely on which side of the heart is damaged. Clinical symptoms of heart failure often manifest suddenly, when the heart damage that's been accumulating for some time finally becomes great enough to impact their functioning. Your dog may or may not improve with medications (or with diet changes if this is diet-related DCM). You should ask for a referral to a veterinary heart specialist. They can do an echocardiogram to determine the extent of the damage and make treatment recommendations based on that. 

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     I cant help though the treating vet may have some answers.

    Though dogs that have been exposed to such poisons tend to die of kidney failure rather than heart failure.

    As for your baby, im a shepherd not a human doctor, or vet. So  to take the baby to a doctor. And the dog to the treating vet. Is the best advice that I can give to you.

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    The blood tests will clearly indicate if the dog has been poisoned, to what extent and what type/brand of poison.

    I run a State-wide landscape association.  I continue to be AMAZED by homeowners who have their yards treated with chemicals, take their dogs into the yard and can't figure out what killed the dogs.


    I didn't realize your baby also got sick.  Take him/her to a pediatrician at once.

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    You have the right to call back and consult with the treating vet - about your concerns.  However, upon googling the subject of canine side-effects of exposure to ingestion of lawn fertilizer or to herbicides as in "weed & feed" products, no such heart issues, or congestive heart failure appeared.



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