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Am I incapable of being an adult. Whats wrong with me?

The way I grew up SEEMS to have made me excessively paranoid as an adult about things most arent paranoid about. 

But the true cause of me being excessively paranoid about those things is up for debate. In any case, I am certain that there is a strong possibility that I am incapable of being an adult. I have accomplished no great feats so far and I feel down and have for years about it. I graduated high school entirely through cheating in the classes requiring complex thinking (math, science, etc). I suspect how I was raised to be why I am someone who has made mistakes all adults are expected to not make. I also suspect I may have some form of autism. I took an autism test and it says i show no signs of autism. I dont know if it is my paranoia about possible karma combined with my bitterness about how little ive accomplished or if its merely me having autism causing me to be too attached to things that won't support my adult life. 

I do so much more simple thinking than complex thinking. Anyone know whats wrong with me?

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