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If I go to a coronavirus testing site how do I know I’m not gonna catch the virus there since lots of people there might have it?

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    Most of the testing sites I've seen are mobile testing sites located outdoors.  Many of them are drive up ones.  People will thus spend most of their time in their cars where they will be protected from any virus which might be spreading.  Since these testing sites are outdoors this also greatly hampers the ability of the virus to spread.

  • You should only get tested if you think you have symptoms, or if you were possibly exposed to the virus. You don't but if you and the staff take precautions, then you can reduce your chances of getting it. Wear a mask and practice physical / social distancing. Also wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly. Keep your hands to your self, don't touch a lot of surfaces or other people, or your face with out cleaning your hands first. 

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    you should get tested if you have the 'flu-like' symptoms or go to the emergency department (ER or A&E) if you are having trouble in breathing.. don't worry about the people at the testing sites because they are a lot smarter than you'd think.. they already have a system set-up to protect you and others from spread.. 

    however, you do need to wear a mask - like in any public place, and you need stay at least 2 metres (6 feet) from other people.. also do not touch your face and wash your hands more frequently.. if it is a walk-in site, you should see people lining up while putting that 2m (6ft) distance in between.. and if it is a drive-through, you'd be asked to remain inside the car all the time, and you'd be greeted by one front-line worker.. `



    stay safe and all the best..

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    by social distancing and mask wearing

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    You are all separated and the staff wear PPE

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