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Is it common for people with bipolar disorder to rage? Can they help raging or is it out of their control?

Like my sister is bipolar and do I get mad at her when she’s a bully in rages or is this outside of her control like a blind person not being able to see? 

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    She can't control her manias, which may include rages.

    However, she CAN control whether she takes her medication, which can prevent both highs and lows.  If she's non-compliant with medication, you can be angry with her for that, not that it's likely to do any good.

    As someone with a bipolar relative, I found that simply distancing myself was the best way to deal with her.

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    if she has been diagnosed with a Bipolar disorder, then YES, her rage can be associated with her mental illness.. in the manic phase (mania), a person with Bipolar often speak faster, they get frustrated faster and have flight of thoughts (meaning has too many thoughts per second).. this frustration often lead to rage and anger fits.. HOWEVER, if she is taking her medications (mood stabilizers and/or anti-psychosis medications) according to her prescription, it does not feel right to blame all of her odd behaviour on her Bipolar disorder - in other words, you do not have to attribute all her actions to her mental illness..

    people rage for different number of reasons, for example: PMS, stress, trying to coup with bad news (for example: the loss of a loved friend or a loved family member), insomnia&sleep issues, pain in the muscles or joints.. or simply having a bad day.. ` `


    if you notice that her speech is much faster even AFTER her rage and anger had passed, and if you notice that she is sleeping less 3-4 hours a day, then YES, she could be going into acute mania or acute manic phase, of which she needs to up her medications as prescribed by her doctor.. or contact the doctor if her prescription fails to stabilize her mood.. `

    `all the best

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