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Do generational sins manifest through multiple layers?

My aunt says my grandmother committed covert incest with one of her other daughters. Now her other daughter (the other aunt of mine) is doing it with her adult daughter (my cousin). My aunt says this is generational sins manifesting through multiple generations. 


She doesn’t mean sins in the sense of heaven and hell but just in the sense of dysfunction.  I don’t know if my great grandmother committed covert incest with my grandmother or not. 


On the other side of my mom’s family my great great grandfather was an alcoholic and three out of five of his kids became an alcoholic and then it skipped a generation and now my uncle is an alcoholic and so I suspect one of his sons will be.  Again dysfunction. Also one of the grandchildren of the first alcoholic became an alcoholic, my grandfather’s estranged cousin.  Since he was estranged I have no idea whether he got help or not but none of the others have.  The uncle tried to but his wife left him anyway so now he’s back to drinking. Even barhopping during the pandemic. 

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