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In ancient Egypt when they sacrificed women to the goddess Isis fid they choose the most beautiful women to sacrifice?

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    The Old Egyptians did not Sacrifice women to the Goddess Isis

    The Old Egyptians considered The river Nile to be a sacred river and a divine being that they worshiped among many other Gods and even kings and queens like Isis and her son Horus .. how ever the Nile was more sacred than both of them

    as  the main source of life it was more divine

    At certain years there was no rain so it did not come in time

    some how the priests convinced them that river needed a life in order to give back life

    then they used to sacrifice human life of a virgin to the river in order to bring life and it was considered an honor to the girl and her family not an obligation but a volunteering act of faith ..

    That tradition kept on going through many years until the Islamic era

    ... Because then the Egyptians as the Majority of them converted to Islam  they believed in one God "Allah" and its the Arabic word for God  and they also believed as Muslims do till this day  in Moses and Jesus and Mohamed may peace and Blessings of Allah be upon them All as his messengers to humanity and they also believed that all the rivers , seas ,skies and lands and all sorts of creatures included in them as his creation and only he alone should be thanked for such blessings .. how ever there was also a minority of Christians  also living at old Egypt practicing there rituals in peace unlike at the time of old Egypts priests when they were treated as unbelievers of old Egyptian Gods

    at that time they were given the right to practice there religion and lived side by side with those who converted to Islam as Egyptians with same rights and freedom of believes and they both shared the same believes that the river is a creation of God and certainly not a God

    and these rituals stopped

    forever since that time

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