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What punishment would a 19 year old get for vandalizing a building with swastikas if the age of majority was rightfully 21?


Yes, it would. Nobody would know who did it, not even your family. It would not affect your chances of employment, and children are not capable of making decisions for themselves. Adulthood is a curse worse than death, not a right.

Update 2:

I do concede to you the point about JV, but nobody knowing what you did since you can't be named or pictured cannot be anything but a reward. 

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    2 months ago

    Exactly the same sentence they would get now.  Does anyone in your family consider your fixation on swastikas to be a bit odd?  Two questions each and every day.

  • 2 months ago

    The same that they get NOW.

    Raising the age of majority wouldnt change criminal charges.   It would only take away your rigth to make decisions for yourself

    Bullshit too that "no one knows what you did".   People talk.  Older minors are often named by media for serious crimes.   The kids who killed James Bulger are known by name too.

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