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Will cinemas become history due to Netflix taking over?

This is what happened to Blockbuster.  For now I'm like "Oh son of a gun I wanted to see Christmas Chronicles 2 in theaters!  Not on Netflix!"  The only movies they show in theaters anymore are that horror garbage of course, random r's, but Disney, Marvel and DC are rare to be shown there anymore.  So do you know how much longer before cinemas become history?  I know Netflix is not new because it's been around for a little over 20 years but it was only 2015 when they started skipping cinemas.  I mean does anyone hope to see Mortal Kombat, Black Widow, Batman, Space Jam 2, Cruella, The Jungle Cruise and such in theaters or be bored watching them being streamed?


Cinemas are open again since the last couple months

Update 2:

We do hear people say Netflix originals are awful but did we ever hear people say that about Youtube ones back in 2005?  No.  Why not?

Update 3:

Why didn't haters stop going to cinemas in the year 2000?  Did they not hate movies back then?  Who thinks Gerard Butler's Phantom Of The Opera is trash?  Not me.

Update 4:

Plus almost everything on Netflix is either a dark/depressing prequel or is about lycanthropy.  Why is Netflix so obsessed with prequels and werewolves?  If neither then it's Werewolf-Prequels.  Why not zombie-reboots?

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    I hope not. Netflix originals are awful.

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    Movies and TV since the 21st Century have been nothing but garbagey bastards.  X-Men was awful, Harry Potter was boring, Spider-Man sucked, Pirates sucked, The Mask 2 was byess, King Kong was byess, Speed Racer was bullshate, Iron Man was ok, Batman sucked, Land Of The Lost was real dirty, Last Airbender was bull, Robin Hood was bull, Kickass was awful, Inception was lifeless, Avengers was bull, Hunger Games was colorless and poor, Malificent was shate, Giver was a real boring sonofabitch, but since then everything has to be trash like all directors are real aceholes, Power Rangers 3 was not even Power Rangers.  I miss the 90s those were the last good movie years otherwise 2000 killed film!

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    The Corona Pandemic is a bigger threat that will probably close theaters, then Netflix and who knows Drive Ins may make a comeback.

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    They've asked this question about every new breakthrough.

    When TV came out, people thought it was the end of theaters. And when VHS came out, they thought it was the end of theaters.

    Theaters will survive this Netflix, and they will survive this pandemic.

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    Maybe they will, but Netflix is only part of the reason.

    When TV became popular, everyone said it would be the end of cinemas.  When pay-TV movie channels became popular, everyone said it would be the end of cinemas.  When VHS was all the rage, everyone said it would be the end of cinemas.  Same thing was said about DVDs, the internet, and live streaming videos.  See the pattern here?

    If the movie theatre becomes extinct, it will be a clear cut case of suicide.  Just like Blockbuster.  Blockbuster could have stayed in business, if they had adapted to the changing marketplace.  Instead, they chose to rent movies for $12 a day (rent the DVD after work yesterday, return it after work today, that's 2 evenings at $5.99 per evening) instead of lowering their prices and expanding their selection.  

    Movie theatres might do the same thing, and in fact they have been.  Last time I took my family to the cinema was for Solo, because a) Last Jedi may have been a fluke and b) Star Wars films are made to be seen on the big screen and c) I really thought Last Jedi may have been a fluke.  I spent $120 on admission (2 adults, 3 kids), $100 on overpriced drinks and snacks, sat through 20 minutes of previews followed by 30 minutes (my wife timed it) of corporate advertising, then watched a movie that completely sucked.

    Two months later, Solo was included in the Netflix selection.  And I live in Canada, where Netflix selection sucks.  I didn't go to the cinema to see Rise Of Skywalker, and if it never shows up on Netflix I really won't care.

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    2 months ago

    I stopped going to the movies a decade ago and hate netflix.

    I buy dvds or blue Ray's now used usually, or from walmart.

    No nothing new really catches my eye for the theater.

    I wanted to see the new james bond, but not anymore. It's too woke and they're anti Trump thing turned me off.

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    2 months ago

    No, this will be only a trend.

  • Kathy
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    2 months ago

    I do not think so, because people still want to see movies when they first come out. They do not want to wait until it comes out on Netflix.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    People like seeing a movie in an audience, sharing their reactions. And we love getting out. Date night isn't the same as staying in to watch Netflix.

    We also want to see movies soon after release, most of us, and Netflix streams the "big" movies long after they're gone from theaters.

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    2 months ago

    No, people like getting out and its far different in the theatre.

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