Finding a job as an international postgraduate student in Germany?

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I am a 19 year old student currently in the 1st year of undergraduate studies in Business and Economics. I study in my home country, which is North Macedonia. Germany is a country I have always wanted to live in and I wanted to ask you if that is truly possible. My plan is to graduate here, in Skopje and enroll for masters degree in Berlin. I saw the GPA requirement and converted it to percentage, (it was 75 percent) and it is easily doable for me because Im generally a good student (current gpa 85 percent). Now my question to you is, lets say I get accepted in a german university and get my masters degree. I believe i have 18 months to get a job (correct me if Im wrong). I learn german daily for 2 hours, and by then I I would be around b1 - b2 level. My english is c1 certified. What are the chances of finding a job in Business Management/Marketing in Germany and what happens, if i cant find a job in 18 months? Can i renew the "job hunting visa" or thats it, its over and I go back to my poor and miserable country?If you read this far, thank you for your time and patience. Hopefully you can help me out by answering my question.

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  • 2 months ago

    Plan on NOT remaining in Germany, and NOT working while a grad student either. Your German skills are inadequate, and if you reach B2, will still be inadequate. Business management & marketing are glutted fields, and you will have nothing to offer employers they cannot readily obtain among their German citizens. Plus EU-rules: jobs go first to the country's citizens, then if a shortage, any citizen of any other EU-member country. You cannot compete. Make sure employers in your country respect any school you go to in any foreign country & will consider hiring a graduate of a foreign school since you will NOT have the necessary background in your country's tax laws & tax accounting (accounting & finance), employment laws & regulations (HR), local market knowledge (marketing), and especially no local references & recommendations from people known to local employers!

  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    This site is for all English speaking countries. I doubt if you will find anyone from Germany on here.

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