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I can't believe time is going so fast, anyone just feel utterly devastated about it?

It's not like I've barely noticed, but I feel like time truly snuck on me, I don't feel as special as I felt before with life in general. Just wanted to know of anyone else felt the same if not how do you cope with it? (Lol👉😳👈)


Heh must be me then😔🙃

Update 2:

Insightful thanks possum ^.^

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    It seems to be that people who have this feeling are going through life on auto-pilot, phoning it in. Mindfulness meditation has become very popular. If you want to give it a try, mindfulness apps are very popular. The most popular is Headspace, which costs almost as much as Netflix. There's a very good one called Mindful Life Project that you can use for free. 

    This has lots of info on mindfulness and other traditional practices - 


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  • devastated? no, time is time and time waits for no man.

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